Flute Playing (Recorder) - Level 1 Course

Simple, Easy To Follow Lessons

What you will learn: 

  • How to use the first three left hand fingers to play simple songs
  • Then, how to use the four right hand fingers to play simple songs
  • Ultimately, how to use the fingers of both hands to play more elaborate and interesting songs. 
  • You will develop greater sensitivity to tones.
  • You will become more adept at simple rhythms so that you can "keep time" more skillfully in music
  • Using the song to help develop your "musical ear" so that music is natural and fun. 
  • The benefits of regular daily practice vs. occasional practice

What you will receive: 

  • A course overview and description
  • Simple warm-up exercises to develop basic finger dexterity and coordination
  • 37 music lessons that guide you from start to finish for 36 songs. 
  • Additional videos that delve into fundamental pedagogical topics
  • Additional articles that explore various pedagogical considerations

What you will need: 

  • One soprano recorder with baroque fingering (Key of C). 
  • Willingness to practice at least fifteen minutes everyday
  • A positive attitude, because we all make mistakes and it is part of the journey!

Who This Course is For

  • This course is for anyone who wants to begin learning how to play the recorder flute, whether you intend to teach the subject to others or you are just learning for yourself. The lessons are suitable for any age group, from young student to teens to adults.

More from the course creator:

​Recorder Flute - Level 1 This is a beginning level recorder flute course. The course is composed of 36 lessons. Each lesson takes you from start to finish with a single, new simple song. The lessons start very simply, developing the left hand fingers for a few lessons, then the right hand fingers for a few lessons, and finally leading into simple songs that use the fingers of both hands. Along the way, with daily practice and basic mastery of each lesson, the student develops the skills as well as the confidence to proceed. This course is for soprano recorders in the key of C, Baroque fingering. All 36 songs in this "Recorder Flute - Level 1" course are exactly the same as the songs in the "Singing Easy Songs" course. In this course, in addition to the songs being sung, there are the instructions for recorder flute playing. In the singing course, the recorder flute instructions have been edited out, while the singing portions of each lesson remain exactly the same. This is why the singing course is significantly cheaper to purchase.

All songs in this course are composed by Rev Bowen.

Waldorf Flute and Recorder Course. Lessons for Waldorf recorder.

Flute Playing (Recorder)
Level One Course

The course takes the student, step by step, through the process of developing skills, one hand at a time, gradually unifying the process so that both hands can play songs on the flute. We learn the simple techniques and songs in the course by heart and ear. We do not complicate this process with written music. The important first steps are to develop comfort and skills with the instrument itself. We do this by learning simple songs that are easily mastered with daily practice.  

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  Recorder Flute - Level One
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Flute Playing (Recorder) - Level 1 Course

Simple, Easy To Follow Lessons